The Age of Revolution, as the 19th century is known, brought about radical upheavals to the “constants of the old world”, leading to the disintegration of the great multiethnic empires and setting out new terms for the organisation and functioning of human societies. As part of this general ferment, the Greek Revolution of 1821 broke out, leading to the establishment of the Greek state, the first independent nation state in southeast Europe. Crete was a field of conflict throughout the Greek Revolution (1821-1830).

The Historical Museum of Crete of the Society of Cretan Historical Studies is celebrating the bicentenary of the start of the 1821 Revolution with a series of activities and presentations in physical and digital public space. These events highlight the role of Crete in the Greek Revolution and the island’s connection with developments in mainland Greece and the world. To this end, research work undertaken by the team of young historians of the SCHS is combined with digital and material testimonies from the Collections at the Historical Museum of Crete.

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